We’re ready to @GowithOh & be the first-ever Guest Tester Family!

gowithohWhere has the time gone?? It seems it was only last week that I wrote my entry for the GowithOh Guest Tester blogger competition, and only yesterday that I was chosen as a winner. In reality, months have passed, airline tickets have been purchased, and reservations have been made. Our Euro adventure and our stint as GowithOh’s first-ever Guest Tester Family is right around the corner!

Of GowithOh’s seventeen European city destinations, we will be visiting three.

First stop is Berlin.

Thanks to Mrs. O Around the World for the photo.

Thanks to Mrs. O Around the World for the photo!

Then it is on to Vienna…

…and our last stop will be Prague.

Prague from Letna Hill by Leah Travels

Prague from Letna Hill by Leah Travels

We will be gone a total of fifteen days, staying in three different GowithOh apartments in three different cities, and adding three new countries to our lists. Also worth noting, this will be Lucia‘s second trip to Europe – she’s 5. Lucky kid.

We have ideas of what we’d like to see and do in each city but we have no set plans yet. I’m just extremely excited to be visiting Vienna and Prague, two cities that have been high on my list for some time. Berlin, honestly, never really was on my radar but the hubs is all about it. I can say, from the small bit of research I’ve done so far, that I am looking forward to the historic World War II sites; the abundance of Turkish restaurants; and the beer. Furthermore, I’m learning that Berlin is a wonderful city for young children. I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures Lucia will have, and what we can discover as a family.

Departure is less than a month away. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with our daily adventures! In the meantime, tell me: what are your favorite things to do and see in Berlin, Vienna, and/or Prague?

16 thoughts on “We’re ready to @GowithOh & be the first-ever Guest Tester Family!

    • I hope you got some good info from us, Ted. I cannot recommend Berlin enough. I did not expect to love it as much as I do.

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