Quick thoughts: Berlin, Vienna, and Prague

Isn’t it amazing how you can go away for a period of time, return home and feel as if you never went anywhere? That’s how I’ve been feeling since returning from our #GwOFamily adventure just a few days ago. I fell right back into my pre-trip routines. Some might say that’s a good thing, since it means the kids are bathed, clothed, and fed. But I don’t want to push aside all of the wonderful memories from our trip that my family and I created. So then, join me for a quick jog down memory lane through each of the cities we visited, won’t you?

  • Berlin  I was immediately surprised and pleased by this city. It may not have as many of the charming, centuries-old buildings as other European capitals, but it does exude a modern-day, relaxed vibe that allowed me to feel quite comfortable there.


  • Vienna  It’s got the royal history, it’s got the palaces, and it’s got the beauty. I’m glad I got it out of my system.
Volkspark Laaerberg

Volkspark Laaerberg

  • Prague  It’s a magical, fairy-tale kind of place. That is all.

From Prague Castle

There are plenty more in-depth posts to come so please continue to watch this space!

3 thoughts on “Quick thoughts: Berlin, Vienna, and Prague

    • Overall, yes, Prague is my favorite of the three. Berlin came in a very close second and, in some ways, was even better than Prague.

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