Travel has been a passion of mine for decades.  Now, as a mother of two little ones, I’m attempting to prove that parents do not have to give up our traveling ways once we have children. Here you will find accounts of my personal travel experiences – with and without my children – as I balance it all: a non-travel related career, a family, and a travel lifestyle.

Tips for safe driving in winter weather

Tips for safe driving in winter weather

As a lifelong Chicagoan, I’ve learned what to expect when it comes to winter weather. Snow, ice, cold, slush, and sleet are typical occurrences – not necessarily in that order, but possibly all in the same day. I like to think that since I am a tough Chicagoan, I can handle anything that’s thrown my […]

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Wild WaterDome | Wilderness Resort | Wisconsin Dells

“Funnest vacation ever!” Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells

“Funnest vacation ever!” When your five-year-old screams that multiple times during a trip, you know you’ve done something right. What I did “right” was bring my kids on a weekend trip to America’s largest water park, Wilderness Resort, in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. About a three-hour drive from Chicago, Wilderness Resort is an excellent remedy for our brutal, […]

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The Last Supper mosaic | Minoritenkirche | Vienna, Austria

Discovering Lesser-Known Vienna

Vienna has its imperial family history, its legendary coffeehouses, and its opulent palaces, none of which one should miss. For first-time visitors, it’s easy to get lost in the grandeur of places like the State Opera and Hofburg Palace, and overlook the more obscure attractions and activities. To help you mix it up a bit, […]

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Lewis and Clark Riverfront Sculpture | credit

Cities Less Traveled: Why St. Louis is Not Just “Flyover Country”

Flyover country: the section of the United States between the east and west coasts that is overlooked by many travelers. With historically significant and culturally enriching locales in “flyover country,” it’s a mystery why more people don’t consider places like St. Louis, Missouri, as a travel destination. As a native Chicagoan, I’m not supposed to […]

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Gymboree Playdate Guide - Chicago: The Children's Museum in Oak Lawn

Gymboree Playdate Guide – Chicago: The Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn

It’s been a tough adjustment period for my favorite little lady, Lucia. She has a new(ish) brother and she just started kindergarten. That’s some serious stuff for a five-year-old! To offset these intense recent events, lately I’ve made it a point to spend some fun, one-on-one time with Lucia. We went on a whirlwind Gymboree […]

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